Can a car really run on water?

We all wish there was a simple YES as an answer to this question. However an easy question does not always get an easy answer. Moreover depending on what you really mean or refer to when you ask this question, you might get several answers some of which will not make you happy. To start with the worst answer to this question: NO, a car cannot run on water. This is the answer if your question implied that water is the only fuel in the car and that instead of having a tank of gasoline or diesel you have a water tank.

Scientists as well as people from the automobile industry are not sure that running a car on a water tank will ever be possible because there has to be a way for the water in the tank to transform in energy and power the engine and in the same time to reuse some of the energy to be able to transform another quantity of water. Thus no matter how much we wish for and no matter how many benefits we would have both personally and globally, it is not possible to run a car on water alone.

This is where your next question will pop up: How is it possible then that there are numerous websites that advertise as positive the use of water as a fuel for cars. Once again there are several answers to this question too, and if you tae a few minutes to research some of these websites you will see that the ones that are real explain how one can run a car on water. You can run a car that has a device installed near the engine to run on gasoline or diesel and a secondary fuel. This fuel is water, but not in the form we know it. And to be more precise this fuel is Hydrogen gas that is obtained from water most of the times through the electrolysis method.

A car that can run on water means that we never have to worry about the levels of this resource, that we spend less money on fuel in order to produce power to run a car, a truck or other types of vehicles, that we can drive as much as we want without keeping an eye on the fuel level and that we are not polluting the planet anymore. On the other hand, since this is only a dream and no car can run on water alone, you can use the water as a resource for obtaining Hydrogen gas through the different devices available.

These devices that people refer to when they say that a car can run on water can be found online as kits or just as blue prints with step by step instructions on how to build one. It is not only that building such a device is relatively simple if you follow the step by step instructions, but the costs are relatively low and the initial investment is covered by the significantly less amount of gasoline or diesel you buy, but using these devices is safe and installing them does not alter the car’s warranty. So until scientists discover a way to put only water in the car tank you can you this option and say that your car runs on water too.


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