Cars that run on water – reality or fantasy?

Having a car that runs on very cheap fuel is the dream of every car owner especially with the fluctuating price of the oil and thus gasoline and diesel. Designing an affordable car that uses other types of fuel than gasoline or diesel has been the dream of the automobile industry and having a car that uses a fuel which produces negligible or no pollution has been the dream of the environmentalists. All these factors and several different ones convinced scientists around the world to try and find different resources that could be used to fuel cars and other vehicles. Governments and large companies around the world provided some of the money necessary for such a research in the hope of finding the best and yet most affordable fuel.

Evidence of scientists trying to prove water can be used as a fuel appears as early as the 1700s and today a fuel obtain from chemically processing water is used in the welding industry. This fuel is known under different names depending of the method through which it is being obtained, but the primary resource in obtaining it is water. Thus when you hear some say that cars can run on water, they are not fantasizing and the fuel obtained from water is actually Hydrogen gas.

However there is no car that runs solely on water even though several claims have been made. Up to today the closest vehicle to a car that runs on water is the car that uses an adapted installation that uses water and energy to produce Hydrogen gas. In this case the device has names like water fuel cell, HHO device or HHO generator because the HHO is actually the chemical water composition: two party Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. All these devices no matter of their name will use either electricity or other types of catalysts in order to transform water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. Some of the elements used together with water so that Hydrogen is produced through the so called Hydrogen on demand systems are ammonia, salt, boron, potassium and even metal alloys.

The most common used element in the HHO devices that are already installed on cars and truck is the ammonia. Hydrogen obtained through water electrolysis is also used and there are several companies that modify the engines to allow one to use Hydrogen as fuel along with gasoline or diesel. Modifying the internal combustion of an engine can significantly increase the price of a car, thus even though it is probably the safest way to do it, not a lot of people are willing to pay for it. Furthermore, there are very few places where one cold actually get a Hydrogen fuel cell and this is one of the drawbacks of the cars that run on Hydrogen produced from water.

The number of cars that have different devices installed near the engine and that take water and transform it in Hydrogen gas through electrolysis or dissociation of Ammonia is steadily increasing. Thus from this point of view people might see as reality the fact that cars run on water.


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