HHO Generators

HHO generators are making it possible to run your car on water as a secondary fuel. HHO generators can be adapted to both cars and trucks and not only that you can find HHO generators that you can install in your car, but you can also make one yourself. HHO generators are also known as hydrogen gas savers because this is what they actually do. For the car owner having a HHO generator brings a lot of benefits with reduced investments. However there are several reasons why not everybody believes these HHO generators are real.

If you were to think about who would be against the HHO generators and why, the answer is simple: the oil industry and even the automobile industry do not want you to know about this possibility. HHO generators use water to produce the HHO gas also known as Brown gas. Water is free and thus using an HHO generator means producing a gas from a free resource and using that gas to increase the mileage of your car. This is where the conflict between the HHO supporters and the oil industry appears. The oil industry has the interest of keeping these HHO generators from being produced at a large scale because as long as the cars, trucks and all the other vehicles use gasoline or diesel, they are in charge of their prices and thus they have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

However the HHO generators are slowly imposing their well-deserved place on the market and although not produced at mass level, thousands of people around the world use such generators to minimize their fuel costs. In fact several governments that are concerned with the state of the environment and the fact that oil is a scarce resource are investing money in the research for finding alternative fuels not only for cars but also for all the other things and industries that need oil in different forms in order to function.

Those who built their own HHO generators or bought pre-made ones proved that using them they are not risking anything and in fact they have a cleaner car engine and they are responsible for producing less pollution. The placement of the HHO generators depends on the type of car that you have, but they can be placed under the hood, in the trunk or in the bed of the vehicle. No matter where you put them, you have to know that they are not voiding the warranty your car has and they are very easy to remove or to put back once removed.

The HHO generators can also be installed on any car even if the car has a sophisticated computer in it. There are mechanics, electricians and engineers who know how to install a HHO generator and how to program the car’s computer to let the HHO generator work. Also a very important fact is that HHO generators produce HHO that added to the main fuel used by your car or truck improves the engine effectiveness and after being used it returns back to its initial form, water.


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