How running your car on water works

You probably heard more and more discussions about the possibility of running a car with water. Of course you should not believe everything you hear, but there is some reality in this issue. If you hear or read that a car can run on water alone, don’t believe it. Up to today there is no person in the entire world who could prove that a car can run only with water. However if you hear that you can use water as a fuel to run your car you should know that even though people don’t mention it too often, when they are actually saying this they mean that water is used as a secondary fuel along with gasoline or diesel.

Making your car run on water is possible with the help of a device called HHO generator. The HHO generator can be built or can be bought. If you consider buying it you should look for the HHO kits where all you have to do is assemble the parts and put the device in your car. There are pre-made HHO devices, but before you buy them make sure they fit in your car. No matter what kind of a HHO device you have, it should work in a car or in a truck; however the device itself has to be placed according to the design of the vehicle.

The process through which water is running your car is relatively simple. Assuming that you have already installed the HHO device you know you have to put water in the plastic tank the HHO device has, the water will transform in a gas called HHO gas through the process of electrolysis and the gas gets into the engine and fuels the car. The resulting emission of the water fuel is water. This is on short what happens, however the whole process itself is a bit lengthier.

First of all, in order to understand how running your car on water works, you should know that there are two methods to make HHO gas from water and that the gas derived from water is known under several names. The two methods to transform water in a gas are the electrolysis which is the most common method and the through dissociation of ammonia. Regardless of the method you use to transform water into a gas you need the device to do it. The gas’ most used name is HHO, but it is also known as Brown gas, Hydrogen gas or OxyHydrogen.

To make HHO gas from water through electrolysis you need a device called electrolyzer which is actually known as the HHO device. This device is connected to your car’s battery and to the engine. When working, the electrical current from your battery runs through the water that is being held in a plastic container and then the water divides into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Next, the HHO gas is pushed in the cylinders where it burns and the residues formed from the burning of the HHO gas is water. Obtain HHO through the electrolysis method is preferred because the gas has a better quality and it is produced only on demand.


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