How to convert your car to run on water

There are several ways one can convert a car to run on water. The easiest one is considered to be buying a HHO generator that one just installs on his or her car. Another easy option is to buy a HHO kit that contains all the parts in the HHO device, the tools needed for assembling it and all the electrical connections. The third way to make your car run on water is to make your own HHO device. While this is not the simplest way to make your car run on water, it probably is the most rewarding one.

If you like working on your car and you are taking good care of it, you should consider converting your car to run on water yourself. There are several blue prints available online and some of these blue prints are even free. There are also several websites that will see you e-books on how to do a HHO device yourself and how to install it in your car. The difference between the free blue prints and the ones that you buy are the step by step instructions that come with the latter ones and support provided by the seller.

Before you actually buy a HHO try to find out what is in the package and see how many of these things you already have in your garage and your house. Some of the required tools for making such a device are: pliers, screwdriver, drill, hole cutter, wire wrap, solder iron, dippers, a Digital Volt Meter (DVM) and an oscilloscope. You probably have more than half of these tools already and if you check your hardware store you can find out the price of the others and make the decision about buying the HHO kit or not.

If you decided not to purchase the HHO kit, but make a device by yourself, do a little bit of research first. Join one or two HHO discussion groups and talk to other drivers who made and installed such a device on their car. If you decide that you want to give it a try and see if it is really possible to convert your car to run on water, you can buy the parts individually or order some of them already assembled. Some of the items you need to make the device are a plastic water tank with pump and level sensor, a reaction compartment with electrodes and fittings, level gauges, an exhaust component, valves, a complete control circuit, a pressure fitting, a copper mesh junction, a throttle control and a head cylinder head temperature.

These parts are not going to be listed on all the websites that sell HHO kits or HHO e-books and their complete list of parts might vary. The list is provided just to give you an idea of the parts that form a HHO device that can make your car run on water. One thing to keep in mind is not to start building a HHO device with a blue print and without clearly understanding each step of the process.


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