How to make HHO

Before you know how to make HHO it is important to know what HHO is and what the chemical reaction behind it is. HHO stands for hydrogen and oxygen gas and it is also known as H2O or Brown gas. The HHO gas which is obtained from water that undergoes an electrolysis process is produced for dozens of years. However it is only recently that this type of fuel began to be used as a secondary fuel for the cars that use diesel or gasoline.

The process of making HHO is relatively simple and the device you need for this can either be made from the scratch with the use of a book that shows you step by step what you need and how to do it. If you do not want to go through this trouble, there are several HHO generators and kits that can be used and adjusted to your car and even to your truck. The benefits of using a device that makes HHO are immediately seen and they consists in a cleaner engine, smoother ride, less primary fuel consumed and even some money back from the government depending on the legislation existing in your country. Also a very important thing to consider when thinking about trying a device that makes HHO is the fact that the device itself it very easy to install or take off and it does not void your car’s warranty.

Making HHO is not such a difficult process and this is why there are already thousands of people around the world who created devices that make HHO. Keeping in mind that HHO is the result of water that goes through the electrolysis process, almost anyone with a bit of knowledge about mechanics, physics and chemistry can make HHO. HHO is the short for Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen that is also known as H2O. Of course we all know that H2O is the chemical term for water so asking how to actually transform water as we know it in a gaseous substance is a legitimate question.

You can make HHO at home with an electrolyzer. There are several things you need for that and the most important are a 12 volt battery, wires, cables, a jar were to put the water and other connecters. When the device is set up, the water you put in it is passed by electrical power from the battery. Once the electrical power passes through the water, the latter one is broken up in hydrogen and oxygen. Through the electrolysis process the hydrogen and oxygen form the HHO gas also known as Brown gas or OxyHydrogen.

The good thing about the HHO gas is that once burnt it transform back into water which means that it not only helps you save some money, but it also helps you be an environmental friendly person. Since the main usage of the HHO that we are talking about is as fuel for your car, you should know that the device you install on the car is safe because it produces hydrogen as needed and it has not space for storing it.


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