Run your car on water

No matter how unbelievable it might sound, it is possible to run your car on water, or better said using water as a secondary fuel. There is a device that attaches to the engine of a car and helps you run your car on water and gas or diesel. However there is no possibility for your car to run solely on water. This is against all the laws of physics. If you hear somebody telling you hat they can make your car run on water, do not believe them. They can tell you about ways to minimize your fuel bill and reduce the level of pollution in the same time by installing a device that uses water in your car.

Installing such a device is relatively simple and while it can be done at home, it is usually recommended to either take the car to a mechanic or electrician that is specialized in installing these devices or asking the help of a mechanic. Taking in consideration that while the device uses water and it needs to be attached near the car’s engine and that you still need fuel to run the car, there are some risks you are exposing too when you decide to install the device by yourself. Adapting your car to run on water and gas or diesel can be done in a very short period of time and the benefits should be observed immediately. Although there is no exact figure that can be given regarding how much money you can save by making your car run on water and fuel, there are more and more people who opt for this solution.

There are several reasons why more and more people are considering running their car on water and gas or diesel. The first and most obvious reason is the need to reduce the fuel bill especially if one has to drive longer distances to get to work and back or if the family has more than one car. Other reasons are the small investment needed to transform a car and make it run with water as a secondary fuel, the fact that by consuming less fuel your car produces less pollution, the fact that it increases your mileage per gallon of fuel used and the fact that oil is a scarce resource. One should not forget that the biggest oil resources are controlled by a few countries that raise the price as they like while water is free in most parts of the world.

Two of the main questions people have about the device that runs your car on water are about the risk level of driving a car after the device has been installed and the possibility that the device can ruin the car. The answers to these questions are simple: water as a fuel is actually transformed into a gas and there are already cars that run on gas (one of them is the LGF – Liquefied Gaseous Fuel). This type of fuel is as safe or as risky as gas or diesel so one is not risking anything by installing such a device and if the device is installed correctly no damage can be done to the vehicle.


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