Run your car with water is rated as one of the top three websites that sells e-books showing you how to make your car run on water. Their website is nice and offers all the information you ant to hear and succeeds to make you want to know more about their system. Before purchasing the e-book I made sure I read all the information on their website and compared it with several websites that sell similar products. The information was pretty much the same, so I checked on a few things like the payment method, the contact information and what the package actually consists of.
Run your car with water

A few of the things that made me try the product were the fact that the product is relatively cheap – at the moment it sells for $49.97; that I could pay through Clickbank and last but not least that it advertised a 56 day money back guarantee. I do not know a lot about cars and how to make hem run on water so I needed to have the money back guarantee as well as a serious bank to pay through. It’s not that $50 was a big sum, but I saw no reason to waste some money if I had the opportunity not to. Also don’t forget that the $50 is just for the product the website is selling which is actually an e-book you can download immediately after you make the purchase.

So after reading the information on the website, listening to their audio files and viewing their videos, I decide to make the big step and actually purchase the e-book. Looking through their 90-page book I saw some differences between what was stated on the website and what was actually written in the book. First of all the $60 advertised as the price of the material was in reality much higher than that. In addition after checking some of the hardware and auto parts stores in my area I realized some of the parts listed for making the conversion were not so easy to find, but they could be ordered. The good part however is that the book has a list of businesses where one could buy these parts from so part was my job was already done with the help of the phone and the internet.

Regardless of these little discrepancies between the website and the content of the actual book, the information is very detailed, but intended for someone that has an idea about cars and mechanics. Since I already told you I know nothing about cars, I considered that the step by step instructions were not so easy to follow especially since I didn’t understand all the terms and explanation, and asked for a refund. There is an email address available for those who need some support and I hoped for some bonuses that explained some of the things in greater detail. Even if the product did not have as many details as I wanted it to have, I still consider the product to be a good investment for those who know a little about cars. Thus if you want to give it a try, but do not want to spend a fortune on it, this is the place you should start with.


Best Overall Water Powered Car Guide: Water4Gas

This is probably the best product about how to build a device that uses water for gas and how to install it in your car. The reasons I am saying this will be listed and explained below. First of all I would like to say that while it is a little bit more expensive than other similar products on the web, it is one of the few websites that actually has more than an e-mail address for contacting and asking for support and also one of the few websites that offer several great bonuses. Of course the price can be a drawback, but since there is a 60 days full money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try.

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