Water as fuel for cars

Water as fuel for cars is a phrase people use to catch your attention and get you to read more about the products they sell or advertise. There is nothing wrong about it and in the end is up to you if you want to try their products or not, but there is a difference between water as fuel for cars and water as a resource to make a fuel for cars. The first thing you think about when you hear about a car that can run on water is that instead of putting gasoline or diesel in your tank you can put water. However this is not what they are saying when telling you that cars can run on water.

A car that could run with water as the only fuel has to have an engine that has a way of deriving the energy it needs to ignite directly from water. Up to today no scientists or researchers were able to prove this is possible. When you read about cars that run on water you are actually getting more information about the cars that run on two types of fuels out of which one is Hydrogen gas produced from water electrolysis. Energy cannot be extracted from water alone and thus water cannot be considered a fuel for cars but rather the main resource for producing an alternative fuel that runs along with the main fuel of the car.

There are several methods scientists are trying to improve so that people can minimize the costs of fuels and to find alternative fuels that can safely and successfully replace the fuels derived from oil. One of the fuels that is already being used in different industries including the automobile industry is the Hydrogen gas derived from water. This means that water is the main resource that makes Hydrogen gas and not the fuel. We all know that gasoline and diesel are produced from oil, but we are not saying that the car runs on oil. It is the same with water, but because it sounds really good to say that cars can run on water, sellers are using this phrase to their advantage.

Stating that water can be used as fuel for cars is misleading, but not one hundred percent false. Several devices have been designed to produce Hydrogen gas from water and a catalyst. Some of these devices have a tank where you put water and thus the idea that water can be used as a fuel for cars. These devices can be installed in the car, but they do not take the place of the fuel engine the car has. Depending on the catalysts the devices use to create a chemical reaction in order to produce the Hydrogen gas, the byproduct can be water, oxygen or other elements. The role of these devices that use water as a resource to create hydrogen fuel, is to increase the mileage per gallon of fuel and to decrease the amount of money you use in order to run your car. In this respect using water as a fuel for cars can be considered to be true and we all want to take advantage of this opportunity.


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