Water for fuel

Use Water for fuel or as a primary resource to make fuel

The raising awareness concerning the environment we live in as well as the fact that some of the resources we use as fuels are in short supply, made scientists from different companies and universities try to find a way to use other resources as fuels. One of the biggest challenges that have been proven to work was to use water as fuel. However there is still a lot of controversy on the subject and lots of studying is needed in order to make water a primary fuel completely usable and readily available.

If you are thinking that water is available in most parts of the world you are right, however when you hear about water for fuel you should know that nobody is actually thinking of putting water in a tank and running their car, but rather that water can be the main resource from which Hydrogen gas is obtained. There are already several hybrid vehicles from different automobile manufactures available on the market. These hybrid cars use two or more different power sources and one of the sources can be Hydrogen.

There are several methods of obtaining Hydrogen from water and each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all prove that water can be used as a primary resource to produce a fuel that does not pollute and after it has been used it transforms back to water. Apart from the Hydrogen obtained from water which is referred to as Brown gas, OxyHydrogen or simple Hydrogen, there are other ways of using Hydrogen as a fuel. These solutions are the fuel cells and the use of Hydrogen in its pure state. All of these methods use Oxygen which is present in water and all around us. In the fuel cells the Oxygen is taken from the air in order to complete the burning of the Hydrogen in the cell. In this case the byproduct is Oxygen and water vapor that are not polluting the environment.

When Hydrogen as a fuel is used there is no byproduct because it burns completely and even if small amounts of gas escape they dissipate in the atmosphere immediately. However if Hydrogen as a fuel is obtained with the help of salt or different metal alloys, there will be some byproduct once the Hydrogen is burned. The possibility of using Hydrogen obtained from water and salt is one most people wish it were possible because then the primary resource could be the seawater.

Last, but proved to be the best option of producing Hydrogen that uses the term Brown’s gas, is by chemically separating the Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. This is the best solution because there are already devices that can be easily adapted to your car, because you do not need to stop at a pump, but have water with you in the car, and because it produces pure Hydrogen and adds Oxygen in the atmosphere. Further research is required to make Hydrogen gas from water be available to all vehicles owners, but there are already thousands of people who use water for fuel along with gasoline or diesel.


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