Water powered car

Water-powered car – truth or myth?

To many people the idea of having a water powered car is an impossible idea, but it is possible and thousands of people around the world including at least a car manufacturer are proving them wrong. Having a water powered car is possible, but the whole concept is misunderstood. People would say their car runs on water, but when they say this they do not mean that their car runs solely on water, but rather that water is used as a secondary fuel to run the car. There are several businesses that offer e-books that show you how to make the necessary adjustments so that the car runs on water too. There are also several businesses that sell pre-made devices, but it is up to you if you want to build one from the scratch or to buy one and adjust it to your car.

There are several people that claim that they manage to build or transform a car into a water powered car. Most of these claims could not be proved or car specialists together with engineers and mechanics proved that the car is not powered only by water but other types of fuel too. There are several types of alternative fuels and the automobile industry is trying to produce cars that run on fuels that have a less negative impact on the environment. Of course we would all like to have a water powered car that run only on water especially since the price of water is lower than the price of gas and oil. Since this is not possible the option of using water as a secondary fuel is an alternative all car owners should embrace.

The term water powered car is used for the cars that have a special device installed near the car’s engine. This device uses water and electricity from the car’s battery in order to transform the water in hydrogen and oxygen. Thus the water transformed in gas is mixed with the main type of fuel the car uses and the result is an increase in the mileage you can drive with the same amount of fuel with. There are several other reasons why a water powered car is better for you and the environment you live in. When you use water as a secondary fuel, the emissions from your car are reduced, the amount of gas or diesel is reduced and last, but not least you are saving a decent amount of money.

A very important thing about water powered cars is that a water powered car is not the same with a hydrogen powered car. While the first one uses water which is transformed in gas, the second type of cars is powered by liquid or compress hydrogen. A lot of people mix the two types of cars because of the fact that water is used to make hydrogen for a car. In the case of hydrogen powered cars, the cars are actually fueled with hydrogen as if they were buying gas or diesel. And while it is true that this type of hydrogen comes from processing water, the hydrogen powered cars are completely different from the water powered cars.


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